The NSFC Major Research Program "Neural Circuits of Emotion and Memory" International Symposium in 2017

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The NSFC Major Research Program  "Neural Circuits of Emotion and Memory" 

International Symposium in 2017

28 October, 2017 - 3  November 2017Hangzhou

The NSFC major research program  "Neural Circuits of Emotion and Memory"  international symposium will be held on November 2 - November 3, 2017,  in Hangzhou, China. This meeting is sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSF) and Neuroscience Research Center of Zhejiang University.The purpose of this conference is to summarize the achievements and progress of the 2017 major funded research projects on the basis of the "Neural Circuits of Emotion and Memory".

1.Academic committee Chairman: Shumin Duan
Committee: Aike Guo, Yi Rao, Jiangning Zhou, Qingming Luo, Lanqun Mao, Beisha Tang, Zhijun  Zhang, Xiaoming Li

2. Organize committee Chairman: Anna Wang Roe
Executive chairman: Zhong Chen, Hailan Hu
Secretary: Jingwei Zhao, Yang Wei
Secretary: Yu-hui Liu, Li Liu

3.Registration fee
Registration fee and category: the meeting will receive a certain registration fee (including meals
, not including travel and accommodation). If you are sure to attend only the training course and do not participate in the "annual summary of major research projects" and "international academic exchange meeting", please be sure to indicate in the receipt of the participants.

4. Meeting Schedule:
1) International Symposium
Registration: November 1, 2017 14: 00-18: 00 ;

Conference: November 2 t- November 3
Training Courses
Registration:October 28, 2017 14: 00-18: 00 ;

Training:October 29 - November 1 

5.   Accommodation:
1) International Seminar
:Meeting Venue: Jun Shang Hotel, Zhejiang Jun Shang Hotel.Address: West Lake District, Hangzhou City,  Tel: 0571-88006868
2) Training Venue: Zijingang Campus Medical College, Zhejiang University.

6.     Contact:
Contact: Yuhui Liu, Neuroscience Research Center, Zhejiang University

Contact E-mail: , Tel: 18158515080
Conference related website:
http: //

7.Remittance Information:
Bank: 10450000000531972
Bank account:

Speaker Schedule

Domestic Experts







Zhejiang   University

 Anna Wang Roe

Zhejiang   University

Hailan Hu

Shanghai   Institutes for Biological Sciences

Zilong Chou

Shanghai   Institutes for Biological Sciences

Xu Zhang



University   of Science and Technology of China

Guoqiang Bi

Zhejiang   University

Zhong Chen

Institute   of Automation of Academia Sinica

Tianzi   Jiang

Beijing   Normal University

Wu Li

      Peking University

Lin Lu

National   Institute of Biological Sciences

Minmin Luo

Fudan University

Lan Ma

Institute of Biophysics Academy

Xiaoqun Wang

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Fuqiang Xu

Fudan University

Yongchun Yu

University of Huazhong Science and Technology

Shaoqun Zeng

Beijing   Normal University

Xiaohui Zhang

Nanjing Medical University

Dongya   Zhu

Foreign Experts







Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Bo Li

University of California at Los Angeles

Jonathan Flint

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Josh Huang

Northwestern University

Lee Miller

Mount Sinai

Ming-hu Han

Massachusetts   Institute of   Technology

Mriganka Sur

U Chicago

Nicho Hatsopoulos

U Chicago

Sliman Bensmaia

Arizona State   University

Steven Helms Tillery

University of Ottawa

Xia   Zhang